ON 04 JANUARY 2014

Technology has an ever-greater presence in our lives. The result is that we are invaded by lots of devices, adding to the old ones. In the end, in your bag, you have a smartphone, a tablet, your key, the teddy of your kid, your wallet… a lot of things to watch. And if technology could help to check if everything is here in less than 1 second? Dream? No, reality thanks to the SpoonPhone, the most accurate smartphone in the world.  

So, what is the SpoonPhone? At first sight, you might think it is a new smartphone among many others using a similar technology to connected commercially available trackers. But you would be wrong!



The SpoonPhone is an Android smartphone with an integrated latest-generation location chip. Developed by the French startup BeSpoon, the SpoonPhone works with special tags that the user places on his belongings. Then the smartphone is able to track those tags and alert the user if one is missing.

In contrast to Bluetooth or GPS, the SpoonPhone has an accuracy of a few inches and works equally well indoors and outdoors. So, instead of searching your whole living room for your keys which, according to your Bluetooth tracker are somewhere in it, use the SpoonPhone to quickly find them under the right pillow of the couch. How does it work? With a unique chip leveraging ultra-wide band radio offering a location accuracy of a few inches.




And this accuracy can be used not just for location but also for games. Imagine playing hide and seek or Pong, the first video game of the history, in a completely new way. You can also develop your own applications and uses thanks to our API.