Our precise indoor tracking solutions offer a quick return on investment at every level: in the shop as well as in whole factories and warehouses.

Look how we can help you increase your productivity!





Modern factories enjoy optimal yield with very efficient machines, but a lot of productivity is lost in intralogistics. The ultimate bottleneck for Industry 4.0 is the lack of position tracking in the industrial environment. BeSpoon addresses this by offering tracking accurate to the centimeter in the most adverse of conditions. We pinpoint every single batch, tool and worker to enable the ultimate process optimization.

Tracking a forklift or a drone inside a warehouse is a challenge. BeSpoon has a specific solution that delivers high-precision 2D and 3D tracking, both in the docksand along the aisles. Our map matching toolkit enabled a drastic reduction in number of anchors needed, which resulted in substantial savings.

Real Time Location System

According to the use case, BeSpoon RTLS allows to compute the position of a tag either at server level (Multi-Tag Tracking), or, on the tag itself (GPS-like Positioning).

These two main modes are adapted to large scale installations, they can be used simultaneously on the same server setup. Our system also provide a Single Self-Positioning mode.

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