Design your own mobile device around this circuit board. Decide whether you want to have a connector or use wireless charging, specify the size of your battery and build your own housing within a record time to come up with a full custom tag.

BeSpoon TagPCB has been designed and tested to be used in industrial environments and integrated inside any type of customizable casings. This circuit board includes all the components of a fully developed device. It is ready to be inserted into your own indoor location tags and made them ready for a full omlox ecosystem compatibility.  Attached to the items you wish to track within your real time location system, Tags will interface with stationary BeSpoon Anchors. Many battery sizes can be built-in, in order to satisfy the specific requirements of your application. Our PCB offers wireless charging and fits into IP67 and ATEX-compliant housings.

Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic, our best-in-class UWB integrated circuit will bring inch-level tracking technology to your facilities. TagPCB can be tracked in server-centric configuration or compute its own position in GPS-like Positioning mode. Our advanced ecosystem with highly adaptive hardware and software features meets the needs of multiple indoor location use cases, even in the most challenging industrial environments. Make your venue smart for intralogistics, motion analysis, etc. Energy-efficient and easy to install, TagPCB may be attached to a large amount of goods or persons. It provides high-precision location data at refresh rates varying from once a day up to 16 times a second.