The UWB core of your Industry 4.0 solutions.

BeSpoon SatPCB is the heart of your own fixed devices. Featuring all the necessary components to offer a full-blown device, this circuit board is delivered assembled and tested. It is ready to be inserted into your own housing and to display your brand. Your fixed devices will be used as fixed references within your real time location system and interface with mobile device in various server-centric and device-centric configurations. They are compatible with all kinds of BeSpoon tags, as well as with any hardware component designed according to the omlox standard.

Equip your devices with highest standard electronic components, and leverage BeSpoon’s best-in-class UWB integrated circuit. Our inch-level tracking technology is declined over a full eco-system with highly adaptive hardware and software features. It copes with countless indoor location use cases, even in areas with adverse conditions like sheet metal workshops, warehouses full of radio reflections and obstructions, etc. Design your own devices with BeSpoon SatPCB and track in real time hundreds of production batches in a factory, of forklifts, tools, and pallets in a warehouse, compute in real time the position of fast moving athletes with unpredictable trajectories, etc.