omlox Plug & Play


  • 8 omlox Satellites
  • 8 omlox WTags
  • 2 omlox SmartAntennas
  • 4 Qi charging stations
  • Software

omlox plug & play combines high capacities with user-friendliness, it is your solution for a fast and efficient precise tracking installation.

omlox plug & play includes a complete RTLS system for server-centric and GPS-like trackers. It can also be enhanced any time with additional hardware components. As the omlox Satellites use UWB for tracking and Wi-Fi or Ethernet for network connections. Its ergonomic web user interface guides you step by step with a powerful deployment wizard, which makes system installation easier than ever. Its location server ensures a great network reliability and enable enhancements for larger solutions.

omlox plug & play is versatile and optimized for challenging industrial environments, to allow you to track a large number of mobile devices in real-time. Their positions are either available on the central server or onboard. The flexible refresh rates of our system pinpoint every single moving batch, tool or individual to enable an ultimate process optimization.

omlox plug & play is compatible with all solutions designed according to the omlox standard, it makes your venue ready for Asset Tracking, MES, Analytics, Navigation and many other smart factory applications.