BeSpoon vs Bluetooth

ON 20 DECEMBER 2017 A live demonstration of the superiority of UWB distance measurement over Bluetooth alternatives People often wonder what the difference is between legacy radios like Bluetooth or WiFi and our radio system. Legacy radios like Bluetooth measure the...

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Geo IoT World

ON 15 MARCH 2018 Brussels - June 11-13, 2018 Jean-Marie André will share his views on precise location in industry, and explain how "the chicken and egg" dilemma can be fixed. BeSpoon will have a booth at the congress. Come and meet us!

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The benefits of UWB in the industry

ON 05 JUNE 2018 This video tells you more about the benefits of UWB in the industry People sometimes wonder what makes the ultrawide band (UWB) so popular in industry. There are so many use cases where real- time location tracking (RTLS) adds a lot of value by...

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Digital Innovation Makers

ON 15 NOVEMBER 2017 Visitors of the event organized by the Digital Innovation Makers Alliance had a chance to experience first-hand the precision of BeSpoon tracking technology.

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