ProMat Chicago 2019

ON 25 FEBRUARY 2019 BeSpoon at ProMat Chicago 2019 Forecasting tomorrow’s intralogistics Real-time location systems (RTLS) based on ultra-wideband (UWB) are disrupting industrial processes by enabling precise indoors location systems. BeSpoon’s advanced positioning...

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LogiMAT Stuttgart 2019

ON 12 FEBRUARY 2019 Precise tracking - Now! BeSpoon’s technology to be presented at LogiMAT Stuttgart 2019 BeSpoon’s advanced real time location technology based on Ultra-Wide-Band can track items at inch-level. Designed to run in the worst radio conditions, it is...

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Industry of Things World USA San Diego 2019

ON 21 FEBRUARY 2019 BeSpoon at Industry of Things World USA 2019  Shaping the future... GPS had changed our lives in less than 20 years. And now it is UWB’s turn to disrupt industrial processes by enabling precise indoors location systems. From silicon to full...

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UWB Solutions, from Silicon to a Full System

ON 18 FEBRUARY 2019 How to integrate a state-of-the-art indoor location technology? Our short presentation video shows how we provide individual solutions for any kind of applications. Based on an ultra-wideband system, with anchors located in the production area and...

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BeSpoon vs Bluetooth

ON 20 DECEMBER 2017 A live demonstration of the superiority of UWB distance measurement over Bluetooth alternatives People often wonder what the difference is between legacy radios like Bluetooth or WiFi and our radio system. Legacy radios like Bluetooth measure the...

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