A live demonstration of the superiority of UWB distance measurement over Bluetooth alternatives

People often wonder what the difference is between legacy radios like Bluetooth or WiFi and our radio system.

Legacy radios like Bluetooth measure the strength of the radio signal to measure the distance. It works OK a space free of obstacles, but as soon as there is an obstacle on the way, the strength is dramatically decreased and the distance reading goes crazy.

BeSpoon has pioneered a radically different approach. We don’t care about the signal strength. We focus on the time it takes for a very short radio pulse to travel from A to B.

The beauty is that a radio pulse travels at the same speed even when there are obstacles. This solves the problems of spaces containing obstacles!

The beast is: this is the speed of light, so we had to crack a few challenges, like squeezing the equivalent of an atomic clock into a chip.

But the result is worth it, just look at the video…